Shellie Finan now Real Property Manager for Salt Lake City’s Housing and Neighborhood Development Division

23 April 2019

CREW Utah member Shellie Finan is enjoying a new position with Salt Lake City.

Finan is now the real property manager for Salt Lake City’s Housing and Neighborhood Development division, a promotion from her previous position as real property agent. In the new position, she is responsible for the city’s real estate acquisitions and dispositions, and management for city-owned property.

“I get to work with developers, private owners, commercial owners, residential owners – there’s a whole spectrum of people in the community,” Finan said. “It’s rewarding to know that I’m not just doing a job, but I’m serving our community here.”

Finan recently completed a widening project for Gladiola Street between 800 and 900 South and approximately 3400 West. The street runs through an industrial district that needed better public access, and she acquired the properties for the project.

Finan worked for Rocky Mountain Power prior to her jobs at the city. At the power company, she was a right-of-way agent, securing land rights for the utility company’s infrastructure needs. Now, she uses her right-of-way experience to negotiate restaurant encroachment leases for sidewalk patios and secure property for road expansions.

She has been a CREW Utah member for more than three years, and she credits the group with allowing her to “have more resources available for my professional career, as well as creating personal friendships.”