McKell Dalton credits CREW with financial and moral support

11 March 2019

McKell Dalton has done a lot in her two years as a CREW Utah member.

Dalton, currently the chairwoman of the chapter marketing committee, is a double scholarship recipient and participant on multiple committees. Dalton credits CREW with financial support for her master’s degree in real estate development and with the moral support needed to thrive as a woman in a male-dominated industry.

“This is an organization that I believe in,” Dalton said. “I love having that women’s camaraderie to support each other.”

In addition to her $5,000 academic scholarship, Dalton earned an additional $1,000 to attend the CREW national convention in San Diego this past September.

Dalton will complete her master’s degree from the University of Utah this spring, and she works as a credit analyst for Washington Federal. She examines each aspect of a potential deal for demand, market conditions, financial analysis and risks. She’s also participated in the Utah Real Estate challenge, where her group won a $20,000 prize for the best proposed development. Even though their winning office project wasn’t built, Dalton is proud of their work and what they learned from the process.

“It would have had great returns in a market that makes sense [where] the demand is really high,” Dalton said. “I still pitch it to developers. I definitely believe in it.”

Her passion for real estate came from watching her father, a residential general contractor and developer.

“On bring-your-daughter-to-work day, I would go with him, nailing baseboards and cleaning up,” Dalton said. Shadowing him “planted some real estate seeds in my mind that this is cool and something that I’m passionate about.”