Ronda Landa receives award for “innovative and enthusiastic use" of new software

05 November 2018

Ronda Landa, a CREW Utah member and past president, recently won an award for her “innovative and enthusiastic use” of the new customer relationship management software at First American Title NCS (National Commercial Services).

The system, called Salesforce, was an internal adaptation that allowed Landa and other sales people in the company to track tasks, relationships, and deadlines.

“The more people you see, touch, or do things with, the higher your chances are of working together,” Landa said. Salesforce “helps you do, see, touch people.”

Landa’s award also highlighted her work with the technology team at First American Title NCS to improve the software. She suggested programming in the capability for recurring tasks, the addition of a weekly digest that listed upcoming tasks, and an analysis of pacing so that salespeople can even out their workloads week to week.

“You have to understand how your activities relate to the bottom line,” she said. “Since we’re a publicly traded company, we are watched like hawks with our financials, and at the end of the day, that’s all they look at it. They don’t look at anything else you do – I did 16 events last week – that’s ok, how much money did you make off that? If you’re not making money, your business won’t be in business.”

Landa said the software was so easy to adopt because it makes her more efficient.

“You can dump [tasks] out of your head and put it into the program and then not worry that you’re going to forget it. That’s the beauty of the program.”


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