Erin Morris wins “Best Real Estate Instagram” in the 2018 #REMAS

10 October 2018

Erin Morris, a CREW Utah member, puts her Instagram scrolling to good use.

Morris, digital media and marketing coordinator for Phillips Edison & Company, won “Best Real Estate Instagram” award in this year’s #REMAS, or real estate marketing awards, sponsored by Content Funnel.

The recognition came for a campaign that highlights the people and personalities behind her company’s work, a strategy that also serves as an outreach tool for Phillips Edison.

“We want people to partner with us, as business partners, and also invest in us,” Morris said. “People are more likely to do those when the see us as people, not just a commercial real estate company.”

One of Morris’ favorite ads from the campaign was a feature this spring about emerging retail coffee concepts. In addition to highlighting the industry trends, one of the posts also featured a Phillips Edison human resources director who got engaged in a coffee shop.

“The theme tied in personal stories along with industry trends. It was nice to give people more of a voice, more of a face.”

The multi-platform, “People of PECO” campaign rolled out on Instagram, but also LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, the company’s blog and website, and Shopping Centers Today magazine. The company’s marketing team also runs a podcast, called “Retail Intel,” and a YouTube channel. All these efforts combine for a robust online and social media presence that demystifies Phillips Edison.

“This highlights us as more than just a real estate company — we are people, and we want to build relationships with people,” Morris said. “We want to give our partners a better idea of who we are, to encourage them to work with us, to build better relationships and partnerships and to ultimately increase business.”

The Phillips Edison Instagram handle is @phillips.edison, and their Twitter handle is @PhillipsEdison. Their podcast can be found at


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