Kelly Carter

02 June 2018

Kelly Carter is California native and a recent re-transplant to Salt Lake City after living on the east coast for over 15 years. She moved back to Utah in 2016 to be surrounded by her beloved Rocky Mountains as well as her family and friends.

As a communications geek with 20+ years of experience in marketing and company culture, she has worked for environmental companies, in real estate, for nonprofits, and for companies with give back models… basically following her heart and conscience to do whatever she can to help make the world a better place for organizations who share the same values.

When Kelly moved back to Utah, her dream was to work in renewable energies for a company filled with outdoor enthusiasts. She found that at Creative Energies. High on her list of dreams was to work for a B Corp, so naturally it was first on her list of priorities. Creative Energies was certified as a B Corp in August of 2017.

Kelly attended Arizona State University where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Organizational Behavioral Studies. She also holds certificates from Pennsylvania State University in Digital Arts, Labor Studies and Employment Relations, and Organizational Studies. She is also a Registered EmbodiYoga Instructor in with over 250 teaching hours.

When she’s not creating away within walls at Creative Energies, you can find her practicing yoga, hiking, camping, skiing, running, or on the trail backpacking…. taking her puppy with her as much as possible!

Kelly Carter can be reached at Creative Energies |  | (801) 487-6489

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