Take on the CREW Network Challenge!

08 March 2018

CREW Network Foundation

Have you taken on the 2018 CREW Network Challenge?

Each year the Utah Chapter joins in to solicit member and non-member donations in support of the CREW Mission. Our goal is to get 100% of the Board donations and at a minimum, 50% of Membership donation before June, 2018. To date, we have reached 100% of Board participation! Now it’s the Members turn to meet their goal! Each donation makes it possible for the CREW Network Foundation to A) to provide scholarships to talented young women entering the commercial real estate industry, B) remain the leading publisher of research on women in commercial real estate and C) offer rewarding careers overlooked by women who are often times unaware that opportunities exist (CREW Careers and UCREW).

Please take a moment right now to donate. Go to the website for Crew Network:

Click Here to Donate

ANY amount is appreciated! You may choose to donate to the Scholarship Fund, Industry Research, Career Outreach and/or Greatest Needs. Simply click on the item you choose to donate to. If you should have any questions, please notify me at or call me at 801-532-7700.   If you donate $10.00 or more by May 1, 2018, CREW Utah will present you with a stylish crystal “CREW” pin in recognition of your donation. As a reminder, your donation to the Foundation is tax deductible.

Many other states have a head start with hundreds of donations from their members. Let’s put CREW Utah on the list as one of the Top Donators in the Nation. Be a part of the effort to increase awareness of the Foundation’s powerful reach, impacting the CRE industry, introducing many females to commercial real estate and the career opportunities available to them. Join us to help CREW Network influence the success and achievements of women!

Ann Baker

     Your CREW Network Champion-

     Ann Baker

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