January 2018 Event

11 January 2018

Our January lunch event filled to capacity with CREW members to experience a new format: Speed Learning! Four short-and-sweet presentations were given by invited speakers from our CREW network. Topics presented were to the point and informative. Speakers covered important areas in our professional lives and gave attendees perspective to understand our industry better as CRE professionals. The presentations are up on the CREW website. A lot of people stuck around after to chat and network, which was great!
Did the event spark you individually to dive deeper and think about how you approach your work? Do you have better perspective on our industry?

If you are interested in obtaining the electronic forms from Michele Sauk’s presentation please email her at or visit her website http://www.capitalizesuccess.com/

See PowerPoint presentations used during the luncheon below:

SAUK - CREW Achieving Financial Goals Retiring at your pace

MEGILL - CREW Utah em edits

S&W - CREW Speed Learning - Family Feud CS

BOWERS - CREW - Welzien Bowrers CPA