Kathleen McMillan

09 January 2018

Kathleen McMillan is a Marketing Manager in the Salt Lake City office of CBRE. In this role she oversees business development and project management efforts throughout the Southwest Market Area, which encompasses Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Albuquerque. Additionally, her duties include directing all communications, public relations and media efforts in the Salt Lake City office while managing the local marketing staff. Kathleen is also a member of the Salt Lake leadership team, assisting with the development and implementation of local office management strategies.

Kathleen began her marketing career as a Regional Marketing Coordinator in the greater Washington, D.C. area. After several years in the commercial real estate industry, she relocated to Salt Lake City to pursue a graduate degree, during which time she worked in Finance and Human Resources. Upon graduation Kathleen returned to the commercial real estate industry joining the marketing team in CBRE’s Salt Lake City office.

Kathleen McMillan can be reached at CBRE, Inc. |  | 801-896-8045