Dejah Cook

20 April 2017

Dejah Cook has worked in the commercial real estate industry for 12 years.  Her current position is Director – Legal/Operations at Woodbury Corporation.  She is a mission-focused, strategic, and process-minded leader with experience scaling a large commercial real estate organization, leading an executive management/legal team, and developing a performance culture among a highly diversified group of talented individuals. She specializes in commercial office/retail lease negotiations (national/big box tenant expertise), mixed use development, acquisitions, due diligence, entitlements, financing, and legal writing; while also consistently developing efficient and effective systems to increase productivity of Woodbury Corporation with the creative spark that drives the commercial real estate industry.

She balances strategic vision and agility while anticipating future consequences and trends, and incorporating vision into the organizational plan. Her experience in scaling up organizations; connecting staff both on an individual level and in large groups; enforce accountability, develop and empower top-notch leaders from the bottom up, leading from the top down, while putting people in the position to succeed.  She has a thorough understanding of commercial real estate law and finance, with the full range of business functions and systems, including strategic development and planning, budgeting, business/process analysis, information systems and management.

Dejah is a single mom of three teenage children (her second full-time job).  Her hobbies include exercising, chauffeuring children, and the constant challenge (joy) of creating balance between a hectic work/home schedule.


Dejah Cook can be reached at Woodbury Corporation |  | 801-485-7770

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