CREW B2B Transaction Award Winners

11 December 2019

Congratulations to our B2B Winners: Ronda Landa, Anna Mkrtchyan, Lorrie Hendricks (not pictured: Anna Irons, Adrienne Bell)

B2B Winners

The B2B Committee has been working to encourage transactions and referrals among CREW members. There were several entries for transactions between two or more people, but there ended up being a tie between two transaction groups that each had five people involved. The tie was broken by looking at the deal volume, where the higher volume transaction was the winner. At the CREW Holiday Party the winners of the most CREW members involved in a transaction with highest volume were announced and awarded $1,000 to be shared among the five of them. The winners were Anna Mkrtchyan, Ronda Landa, Anna Irons, Adrienne Bell and Lorrie Hendricks!

Seven years ago, Anna Mkrtchyan was introduced to the owner of a high-rise, mixed-use building located in the heart of Salt Lake City. She later had the opportunity to bid on the building refinancing and won the deal. Due to the complexity of the transaction, Anna engaged Adrienne Bell, real estate attorney and fellow CREW member. Anna also engaged CREW members Ronda Landa and Anna Irons to oversee the title work. Lorrie Hendricks–also with CREW—provided market data based on her personal property management experience with high-rise buildings in Salt Lake City. Lorrie’s input helped the final approver feel comfortable with previous concerns and questions. The total transaction amount was $9 million.

Congratulations ladies, and way to set the example by using each other in your deals!