October 2019 Event

13 October 2019

At this month’s luncheon we paused to practice being more mindful in our lives. Kim Dastrup, a professional Yoga Therapist taught us how mindfulness can reduce stress and help us maintain perspective in our busy lives. The session was a mix of her informational casual lecture style punctuated with very relaxing mindfulness stress exercises. Kim encouraged us to try to pay attention to how our busy lives and technology draw us away from deep meaningful concentration – impacting our quality of work and relationships. We then learned how to better manage these distractions from life.

Kim quoted Dr Richard Davidson, Prof of Psychology/Psychiatry U of Wisconsin-Madison, about the mitigating affect that practicing mindfulness can have on us during times of stress. Dr. Davidson explains ”Mindfulness meditation gives you the wherewithal to pause, observe how easily the mind can exaggerate the severity of a setback, and resist getting drawn into the abyss. “ So, effectively with this practice we are better able to maintain perspective and control our judgement of situations.

Kim noted that practicing mindfulness makes physical changes to your brain, helping with concentration and keeping our minds strong as we age. She suggests that setting aside even a mere ten minutes a day to practice mindfulness and presence we can help us become better at life. Her last piece of advice was to be kind to yourself when doing mindfulness meditation - your mind will wander, you will miss your goal of practicing every day – do not let that discourage you from moving toward your goal of practicing mindfulness.

A special thanks to this month’s luncheon sponsors: Cushman and Wakefield and Kirton McConkie. Also, thank you to Kirton McConkie for hosting the event at their beautiful offices in Key Bank Tower.

We've included Kim’s contact information so you can reach out and schedule something with her to better implement what we learned about mindfulness and being present:
Kim Dastrup | 801-380-2289 |