Rhet Wadsworth

01 October 2019

Rhet Wadsworth is a Business Developer at Wadsworth Development Group and is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Utah. He has 10 years of experience working in the commercial real estate industry having gained experience in retail, office, industrial, hospitality, and mixed-use developments large and small. Wadsworth Development Group offers a wide range of services including Site selection, entitlements, design, built-to-suits, financing, construction management, and property management. Starting from the bottom, Rhet will be the first to tell you he has learned much about real estate, professionalism, and life since beginning his career with Wadsworth. His target customers are land owners, restauranteurs, franchisees, companies in need of brick-and-mortar presence, and office users looking to expand or move.

Rhet graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship in 2015. Having a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, he served as a Deal Analyst at Greg Warnock’s Plus 550 Venture Capital in 2013 to gain exposure of proven entrepreneurs and their way of thinking. Rhet has also ventured out with multiple startups of his own since he was 18. Through his experience and passion for the subject, Rhet is constantly thinking of ways to implement new ideas within Wadsworth Development Group. He was recently brought on as the youngest President’s Ambassador for the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. He was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT, currently residing in Sugar House. You will often find him getting involved in the community and engulfing himself in local events, experiences, and cultures that are harbored in the valley.

One of the many things Rhet enjoys about his job is meeting new people and building relationships – he relishes the uniqueness in each person.  He has harnessed great skills that allow him to interact and connect with people and does so with ease. During Rhet’s personal time, he likes to travel, golf, yoga, workout, snowboard, hike and discussing deeper philosophical subjects. You’ll often hear Rhet say “I love doing just about anything so long as I am surrounded by great people.”  He’s a fun-loving, free spirit. Rhet has a passion for learning and is looking to learn from others and help others achieve success by creating new friendships, working relationships, business opportunities, and more.

Rhet Wadsworth can be reached at Wadsworth Development Group |  | 801-748-4088

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