Event Follow-Up: Deal and Negotiation Seminar

November 17, 2022
CREW Utah Deal and Negotiation Seminar
Tuesday November 8, 2022
The CREW November Luncheon featured a deal and negotiation seminar at Holland & Hart, featuring six CREW members as panelists.
The CREW panelists included Julie Melander of PEG, Kate Carlisle-Kesling with Holland & Hart, Theddi Wright Chappell with Utah C-PACE Sustainable Real Estate Solutions, Jessica Hoffman with FFKR, and Angela Kesselman with Sunridge Commercial Capital.  Kate Carlisle-Kesling lead this event and was the creator of the key structure for the discussion.  Gwen Knight of Colliers consulted with the planning for the event.
Luncheon participants referred to a hand-out detailing a hypothetical deal at the onset of the event.  Each panelist assumed a role in the hypothetical deal, then discussed how to approach their particular deal issues through a blueprint for negotiations that is structured around six pillars for success:
  • Knowledge is Power
  • Hold Your Power: Pause and Breathe/Suspend Reactions
  • Curiosity, Listen, Build Rapport
  • Reframe Negotiation
  • Build an Agreement/Make a Deal
  • Closure and Memorialize Agreement in Writing
Discussion themes included coming into the deal as prepared as possible, charting out best alternatives, re-phrasing and bringing a conversation back to its critical point, acknowledging and listening to the client to build rapport, etc.
Thank you to our event sponsors CBRE, Gardner Company and Cache Valley Electric, and to all who attended and participated.