CREW Utah President’s Message 2022

December 26, 2021
Written by: Annastasia Kaessner
CREW Utah President’s Message 2022

Over the last two years we have learned that anything is possible. We make plans and have to quickly pivot, we commit to something and have to cancel, we thought we had our forever job and it no longer fits, we dive into projects that change completely, we realize we can handle shifts in tides, earthquakes, forgoing new relationships, handling devastating loss, and jumping into brand new opportunities for leadership. The pandemic has shaken us to our core and affected every aspect of our lives. As we enter the third year, we have a few new tools in our toolbox and are more ready than ever to face new challenges as opportunities.

I am extremely grateful to be surrounded by this core group of CREW professionals over the last few years. I would be remiss to not honor the incredible leadership of Gina Moore, our CREW Utah President for 2021 as she lead us through another challenging year as she guided us all with grace, organization and uncanny direction. Thank you to the great work of the CREW Utah Board of Directors, who made leaps in bounds in awarding scholarships, throwing Galas, promoting our fellow member’s, and putting on strategical events throughout the year. Thank you, Kandace Brewster, President, Brewster Insurance Group (immediate past president), Wendy Leonelli, Commercial Loan Officer, Zions Bank (treasurer), Jessica Hoffman, Architect, FFKR Architects (secretary), McKell Dalton, Associate, Woodbury Corporation (scholarship), Jessica Rancie, Lawyer, Kirton McConkie (sponsorship), Emily Gates, Dorsey & Whitney LLP (philanthropic), Leeza Evensen, Partner, Snell and Wilmer (strategic planning), Anna Irons, Commercial Escrow Office, First American Title Company (membership), Angela Kesselman, Associate Director of Finance, The Madison Group (marketing),  and Mariel Wirthlin, Vice President, The Associated Group (gala).  Lastly, I must thank our members who despite the challenges they individually and collectively faced, continued to show up and support CREW Network, CREW Utah and perhaps even most importantly, one another.

As we look forward into 2022, I am excited about riding this wave of growth and change. Utah has continued to rank as one of the top States to do business and one of the best places to live. The world is discovering us and we have the opportunity to continue to step up and be a larger player in the real estate world. This is our time as women to skill up and to break that glass ceiling. As CREW Network continues to guide us forward with a mission of equity, equality, diversity and inclusion, locally we get to help change the trajectory of women in business and grow the field of commercial real estate.

CREW Utah hit over 125 members in 2021, this coming year we hope to grow, we hope to move the needle on women in business and gain more diversity in our membership as we continue to create momentum in programs, business to business referrals and overall expertise in the industry. Cheers to a new year, moving forward into opportunity!