New Member Spotlight: Nicole Greener

September 6, 2021
Nicole Greener joined Q Factor in 2020 as Chief Business Officer.  As a hands-on executive member of the leadership team, Nicole is instrumental in developing corporate strategy, leading operations, and overseeing human resources across the entire enterprise.  Her role is both strategic and operational in advancing Q Factor’s vision, growth, and bolstering people and culture. 
Nicole is incurably positive and attuned to building infrastructure of a growing business.  Her work is rooted in the deep understanding of finding productive solutions to challenges and championing teams.  She believes that exceptional culture is built upon a foundation of “hands-on doers” who consistently lead their teams by example.    
Nicole has over 20 years of experience as a noteworthy leader and entrepreneur from multiple industries.  Prior to Q Factor, she was with KUHL, a private company fueled by independence, as VP of Operations.  She worked with the founder and CEO to implement operations that focused on sustainable growth. Nicole also founded Clickless, a lifestyle product with global distribution and an emphasis on supporting employment for adults with disabilities. In 2015, Nicole co-authored Behind Her Brand, a book that takes readers through the journeys of successful female entrepreneurs.  Nicole also previously held positions at Quicksilver/Rossignol, IFSA, and Mountain Sports International with a focus on marketing, logistics, and event production.  She is first-generation to immigrant Austrian parents and bilingual in German.  She spends her free time playing in the mountains with her husband and two daughters.  

What are your hobbies and favorite things to do outside of work?
Skiing, coaching kids soccer, hiking, playing with my two daughters

What advice would you give yourself when you started your career?
Create and maintain an open mindset to seize opportunities.