Event Review: The Making of a Deal

September 21, 2021
On September 14th, CREW Utah was pleased to host our CREW Global Network Liaison, Pam Scamardo from San Diego.  Pam is the Founder and President of TPK Properties, a privately-held multifamily investment company specializing in syndicating multi-family deals, 50+ units.  Who would have guessed that an aerospace and mechanical engineer would become a highly-successful real estate syndicator and investor.  Inspirational!  Pam credits CREW for providing much-appreciated support and connections along the way.  Thank you, Pam!
Additionally, ten of our own CREW Utah professionals served as panelists as we enjoyed “speed dating” on the topic of making a real estate development.  We learned a great deal about what it takes to bring a project from a raw piece of land to a successful operating building.  The panelists had about two minutes each to explain their role in a real estate deal and why it is important.  Kudos to the panelists Terese Walton, Gina Moore Ronda Landa, Jessica Hoffman (comments in absentia), Christine Herrick, Julie Kilgore, Leeza Evensen, Wendy Leonelli, Kandace Brewster, and Melissa Glover.  Gwen Knight moderated the panel. 


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