Event Review: New Member Luncheon

September 21, 2021
On Tuesday, September 21, the Membership committee hosted an in-person luncheon to introduce all our 2021 new members to our current board members and past presidents.  It was great to hear from the 23 attendees.  We got to hear everyone’s reasons for joining CREW Utah and how impactful their membership has been in their careers as women (and men) in the industry striving to break the glass ceiling.

Clockwise from lower right of picture:
Emily Gates
Jenna Barone
Amy Makeever
Cailyn Billon
Michelle Nelson
Jilliane Starcer
Kate Noel
Britt Badger
Anna Irons
Ronda Landa
Josie Showalter
Liza Hart
Jessica Hoffman
Joan Meixner
McKell Dalton
Annastasia Kaessner
Gina Moore
Jami Marsh
Carley Corbo
Jon Archer
Devin Lujan
Sydney Schanche
Kandace Brewster