CREW Committees in Action: Sponsorship

October 6, 2021
CREW Utah would not be where it is today without its hardworking committees. They are the behind-the-scenes volunteers who are making it possible for us to achieve our mission: to transform the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally. In this special series, we’re highlighting each committee and the people behind them.
The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for the overall coordination of garnering sponsors for CREW Utah, as well as maintaining relationships with current sponsors throughout the year. The group ensures that sponsors are aware of the benefits included in their sponsorship package and acts as a primary point of contact for them. The members of this committee have the valuable opportunity to build relationships with some of the most influential organizations in Utah, while connecting them with all the benefits available as a sponsor of CREW Utah. 

Here are some fun facts about some of the committee members:
  • Jenna Ayre has traveled to 59 countries and hitchhiked by herself in Ireland in order to see the cliffs of Mohr. 
  • Melissa Glovers favorite place to be is 30’ underwater with bubbles above her! She is Intrinsically intrigued by the vesica piscis of math and art (sacred geometry).
  • Kandace Brewster loves fly fishing and hiking!
  • Kathryn Carlisle-Kesling backpacked across the entire Sierra Nevada Range in the 1990’s, and climbed over snow and ice fields with a pick ax. She also met the Dali Lama, face to face, on a small street in Washington DC.
  • Michele Spackman enjoys Seattle hockey!
  • Jessica Rancie loves mountain biking and once went to the National Sumo Wrestling Championships in Japan.

Thank you to the Sponsorship Committee (pictured below) for all they do to support CREW Utah!