Event Follow-Up: Millcreek Commons

November 8, 2021
Last week 43 people participated in Millcreek’s Lunch and Learn event regarding Millcreek’s new City Center Project. Over half of those who attended are not currently CREW members. City of Millcreek officials, including our own Josie Showalter, provided an overview of Millcreek Common and then lead a tour of the construction in progress. 
The Millcreek Common vision began as city officials considered options to alleviate a development impediment to a highly developable piece of land. A fault line runs straight through the middle of the block, making it extremely expensive to build a building on the fault or within a certain proximity to the fault line. City leaders decided to build a public open space over the area of the fault to encourage developers to build in the adjacent parcels. The plaza space has been extremely successful in bringing developers from all over to invest in mixed-use buildings that will help alleviate the housing crisis in Millcreek.
The Common will become a gathering place for residents from all over the city (and the county) to visit and spend time ice skating in the winter and roller skating in the summer on the county's biggest ice ribbon.  A splash pad will provide summer fun for kids and events will be happening almost every day of the year.  Eventually, shops and eateries will line the Common providing a unique experience for kids of all ages. After the presentation, all guests were invited to participate in a tour of the Millcreek Common site, where they were able to view the progress of the construction of the ice-skating ribbon, Pizza NoNo’s second building location, the splash pad, and the Adventure Hub building.


This event was hosted by CREW Events Committee member Josie Showalter.