New Member Spotlight: Christina Zavislan

March 20, 2021
Christina Zavislan
Christina Zavislan is Senior Marketing Manager at Mortenson, which is an organization providing building, development, energy, and engineering services. She leads strategic marketing initiatives for Colorado and Utah operating groups. Christina is focused on builder, developer, and engineering services for the commercial, institutional, and energy sectors. She is responsible for planning and executing marketing strategies to establish brand consistency and increase sales.  Her duties include the following: managing budgets, measuring key performance indicators, and calculating the return on investment for all marketing efforts. Christina manages strategies and develops specific goals to define and ensure business success for each market sector.
Christina manages the organization’s internal and external communication activities including advertising, marketing, events, media relations, etc. She directs and oversees communications programs that effectively describe and promote the organization and its products, including support for the following local affinity groups: Women in Construction, Community Impact, and Inclusion & Diversity.
Additionally, Christina manages the partnership between the business development and marketing teams to create compelling responses to RFP’s to meet customer requirements and differentiate Mortenson from competitors.  She provides oversight of the entire proposal process including coordinating scheduling, assigning marketing resources, monitoring workflow, and producing and approving final proposal documents.
She guides the marketing team in developing and refining a strategy for the proposal process and content, which involves acting as a consultant and facilitator from pre-proposal to presentation stages.

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