CREW Utah Ignite Scholarship Winner:  Melissa Glover

August 12, 2021

CREW Utah Ignite Scholarship recipient Melissa Glover is passionate about people, spaces, and things; she approaches her work from a creative perspective rooted in curiosity of the vesica piscis between art and science. Particularly her inspiration spurs from the principles and questions surrounding sacred geometry. Melissa enjoys exploring life through travel, meeting new people, and inviting unique experiences to influence her work.

Her favorite places range from the intense sounds and smells of India to the incredible culture and history of Rome. As an avid scuba diver, her most awe-inspiring memories bubble up from the otherworldly cenotes surrounding Tulum. A proud born and raised native of Salt Lake City, she is excited to contribute to the local community and grateful for CREW Utah giving her the opportunity to further her education through the Ignite Scholarship.